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Laser cutting of tubes - clean tubes option


Laser cutting of tubes: clean tubes option

29 Sep 2017

With the arrival of the new LT FIBER 3KW, Giulipas wanted to extend and enhance its production capacity thanks to tube laser cutting. Not only from a mere hourly production point of view, but also in terms of quality of the machining.

With this in mind, an interesting innovation for tube laser cutting is the clean tubes option. This particular function allows tubes to be manufactured that are perfectly clean inside.

Without this option, the classic tube laser cutting operation leaves annoying dust residue from slag stuck to the inner parts of the tube.

In some sectors, this inner slag is particularly troublesome. Like the food sector, or sectors where the inner tube will have liquids flowing through which cannot be contaminated by cutting dust.

One particular case is GELMEC, a company specialising in the production of machines for food refrigeration and, in particular, ice-cream production.

The components Giulipas produced for them, up to introduction of the “clean tube” technology, involved an internal cleaning phase after cutting. An inconvenient and burdensome phase which couldn’t guarantee the tube was completely clean.

By using the “spoon”, jargon used for the “clean tubes” option, this operation is no longer necessary, giving considerable time and cost savings. Furthermore, the quality of inner cleaning is clearly better.

The photo shows an obvious difference: on the right, a part machined without the spoon, on the left the same part manufactured with the clean tubes option.

The spoon can only be used on round tubes with a minimum internal diameter of 32mm and a maximum length of 1200mm.