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Laser cutting of tubes - clean tubes option

With the arrival of the new LT FIBER 3KW, Giulipas wanted to extend and enhance its production capacity thanks to tube laser cutting. Not only from a mere hourly production point of view, but also in terms of quality of

Polishing processing to obtain a decorative ring

One of many sector in which Giulipas worked from over 30 years Is the production of accessories for bathroom, providing polishing, mat and chrome finishing in Brescia.
Shower column, towel holder and toilet brush-holder are products that are made daily, to

Fiber laser tube

Again the flexibility of the fiber tube laser cutting technology is confirmed in Italy. More and more often the application of this technology can satisfy the request of many and very different fields.
From lighting, to frames for construction of the industrial

Laser cutting on tubular profiles

Thanks to the machines used by Giulipas of Lumezzane,an important industrial area in Brescia (Italy), is possible realize high precision cuts to obtain perfect pairs.
With  the fiber Laser tube machine of Giulipas, it can possible to cut pipes of maximum