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Laser cutting on tubular profiles


Fiber laser technology at costumer service

16 Sep 2016

Thanks to the machines used by Giulipas of Lumezzane,an important industrial area in Brescia (Italy), is possible realize high precision cuts to obtain perfect pairs.

With  the fiber Laser tube machine of Giulipas, it can possible to cut pipes of maximum length 6.500mm, working them, if necessary, also integrally without intermediate truncations.

The high specialization of machines, allows to act on different profiles, round sections from a minimum 10mm of diameter up to a maximum of 154mm, square and rectangular sections up to a maximum of 170mm of diagonal.

Cutting pipes with laser technology is the flagship of Giulipas. The company is able to study unconventional cutting parameters, that distinguish from the market and from standard requests.

This technology allows, thanks to a new fiber laser source, to cut also highreflective material such as aluminum, brass and copper, maintaining excellent cutting quality and speed. In addition, on most classic metals as iron and stainless steel, there is a significant improvement in cutting speed, allowing so better production times.

“Unlike other conventional cutting processes, the laser is the best answer to your needs”

The high level of specialization by Giulipas at design, allows to satisfy many sectors. Thank to thirty year of experience, Giulipas can satisfy almost all the request, and also it allows to suggest, if necessary, an innovative solution for achieving the objective.

The maximum thickness workable with Fiber Laser technology are different according to the kind of material:

  • Copper: 3mm
  • Brass: 4mm
  • Aluminum and steel : 5mm
  • Iron: 8mm