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Laser cutting on tubular profiles



29 Sep 2017

As already mentioned, Giulipas has purchased a new LTFIBER for tube laser cutting.

This new investment, other than increasing the production capacity of the company, offers new features to add important improvements to machining that laser cutting on tubular profiles.


Clean tubes option

One of the characteristics of the new machine is to laser cut tubing, leaving the inside perfectly clean.

The machinery is in fact equipped with a tool called a “spoon”: a particular system that inserts inside the tube being machined, positioning itself near the wall of the tube exactly in the cutting point and sucking out any dust generated by the laser beam.

One of the faults of tube laser cutting is in fact not being able to return a “clean” tube. During the cutting phase, the dust generated by the laser, in normal conditions, sticks to the inner walls. This cutting residue is generally difficult to remove, and however requires a working phase that increases costs.

If in many cases this slag, for the type of application in question, is negligible, there are instead sectors where inner cleaning is fundamental, for example if the item will then be used in the food sector.

Thanks to this new device, the tube is kept clean.

The new machinery gives Giulipas clients the opportunity few other companies can offer.

This type of cleaning can be applied to round tubes with an internal diameter over 32 millimetres and with a maximum length of 1200 millimetres.

Giulipas has yet again shown its production department’s attention to innovation and client requirements. Even the new machine, like that already used, enables cutting of highly reflective materials such as aluminium, brass and copper, maintaining excellent cutting quality and speed. Furthermore, on more classic metals such as iron and stainless steel, there is a considerable improvement in cutting speed, thereby allowing improved production times. The LaserTube machinery in Giulipas can cut tubes up to 6,500mm long.

The laser strip, just 0.05mm, allows high precision cutting to obtain perfect coupling.