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Laser cutting of tubular profiles - new logory for tube laser cutting


Towards the 4th industrial revolution with a new logo and new machinery for tube laser cutting

29 Sep 2017

Giulipas, a company specialising in laser cutting of tubular profiles, has chosen a new look starting by restyling its logo. By doing so, it has decided to launch a new image of the company which, in recent years, has undergone major transformations.


Giulipas was renowned in the Eighties as a small artisan, metal cleaning company. Later, the first machinery arrived for automatic polishing of metal tubing and small parts. Further investments followed in the Nineties in even more efficient and productive polishing machinery, to increase daily production, yet maintaining excellent quality standards, specialising in tubular profiles. At the same time, metal polishing was complemented with the first grinding machines. In recent years, business has expanded thanks to laser cutting of tubular profiles.


“We wanted to emphasise, also through the new logo design, the changes our company is experiencing” explained the owner.  In fact, it’s not just the image being renewed, but the company itself. A small artisan company that transformed into a 4.0 enterprise thanks to forward-looking choices and specialisations in precise transformations, as for example tube laser cutting.


The new logo was printed on the machinery park, on packaging, new tape, envelopes or writing pads. Obviously, the website will also be developed thanks to the new logo.


By purchasing two new laser machines, Giulipas emphasises its strong desire to partake in the 4th industrial revolution. The objective is now to continue in the same direction by studying a project capable of interfacing the machinery, such as those for tube laser cutting, with management, as outlined in the protocol of the European Industry 4.0 Plan.


However, the novelties are endless. There is already an idea on the agenda to create and print new catalogues to recall on paper the current changes transforming Giulipas in Lumezzane.