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tube laser cutting


Tube Technology, tube laser cutting

26 Oct 2017

Giulipas stakes more and more on its ability to laser cut tubes. It’s precisely for this reason that, alongside logo remaking, our company has decided to conceive a new payoff as well, something that can represent our technological evolution, which has been a key player for an important renewal in the last few years.

Boasting more than 30 years of experience in the mechanical processing and with its two brand new fiber laser tube machineries, Giulipas, placed in the town of Lumezzane, is a company specialized in laser tube cutting. Thanks to a new fiber laser source, this technology allows the user to cut auto-reflective materials as well, such as aluminum, brass and copper, while always maintaining the best cutting quality, speed and excellent cleanliness.

The thin laser beam (only 0,05 mm in thickness) allows the user to make high-precision cuts, achieving perfect couplings. Our two machineries for tube laser cutting can cut tubes up to 6500 mm in length, and, if necessary, they can integrally work on them, with no in-between truncations. The tubes are always clean, even in the inner part. This is an innovative solution offered only by a few establishments on the market.

Our company has also invested in a corporate identity project, issuing new business cards and document cases in line with our recently redesigned logo.

The sayings “First impressions are the most important” and “Looks also count” might be two simple clichés in everyday life, but they can be important rules that should be considered in the marketing and media industries. Giulipas understands the importance of having a corporate identity that is immediately recognizable, using several mutually consistent elements.

Would you like to know all the areas of applications of tube laser cutting in detail? Visit this section or make an appointment with us.