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fiber laser tube tecnology In Italy


Also the PIZZA is made with the laser tube technology in Italy

17 Nov 2016

Between the different items produced by the laser tube technology in Italy by Giulipas, which has become crucial for the precision and the low costs, we can also count the pizza & food sector.
From many years, Giulipas deals to realize handles for pizza shovels, those used by pizza makers to put on and remove the pizzas in the oven while cooking.

We start the production with an aluminum profile, with a special section called “oval plate”, as a rectangular profile with an important radius on the short sides.

In this case, the material is furnished to Giulipas, fiber laser Tube leader company in Italy, by the costumer. The material is put in storage in the Giulipas’s stock and uniquely identified by the computerized system of the warehouse.

Once the costumer confirm the order, processing begins. The choice of fiber laser cutting is practically obliged if you want to be competitive on the market. The particular draw that the customer needs, and the hexagonal sections for the screws, would be very difficult to achieve with traditional methods, as numerical control machines.

We had to consider also the delicacy of the aluminum surface, that if we utilize the traditional methods with stapling, we would have the risk to ruin the items. One of the most important point is to produce the product without any aesthetical defect, and Giulipas is able to satisfy this request, thanks to the careful planning of the fiber laser tube machine.

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