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New high quality automatic grinder machine for round tubes

17 Mar 2016

The company GIULIPAS is very careful in search of ever more efficient technologies, and there is constant updating in the engine department. After the installation of the “grinder COSTA” machine for square and rectangular section tubular elements , the company in February has increased the department with a new high quality automatic grinder machine for round tubes, which offers an increased of production.
With the thirty years experience of GIULIPAS, the company could adapt that machine for his items, so that it’s possible grind or mat brass, stainless steel, aluminum and iron tubes.
Now we can automatically work tubes from Ø 10mm until Ø120mm, for the maximum length of 6500mm.
Thanks to three independent units work we can adjust the most of the processing parameters, obtaining the transition from raw to finished tube, with only a step inside the machine.
The new grinder is equipped with an automatic loader and unloader, so that the operator don’t have to hold the tube in processing, with a remarkable increase of safety and less need of physical strength.
All this results in greater productivity, that thanks to the automation allows a remarkable constancy both in terms of quality and hourly production, as for the costumers it means in a higher quality with competitive price.
The applications are varied, to name a few we could start from the furniture industry, for example the handrails of the railings found in many shopping center.
Or in the lighting, many home design floor lamps, before being painted, were grinded to smooth the surface and improve the adhesion of the paint applied. Ever in the lighting, the most of our production is public lighting for the street, where steel mat tubular are very demanded.