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Handles for wood-burning stoves and pellets

27 Apr 2016

Recently, we were contact by one of the best manufacturer of wood-burning stoves and high-quality pellets, KLOVER company (www.klover.it).They need to create a new handle for their new project of stove, that mean they  have to cut hole square on a steinless steel  round tube Ø 20 mm.

The best solution is to use the Fiber lasertube, which guarantees best quality, low cost and high flexibility. Flexibility is referred to the kind of tube’s material, dimension and the kind of hollows necessary, because there is no need to buy any tools, but is enough do only a new draw. Also the samples are made very quickly, in few days we could produce some samples for KLOVER company, so that they could verify the real quality of the handle, and confirm the order. In addition to the laser cutting, Giulipas is able to provide its customer with high quality finishing on  produtcs.

Also in this case the quality of our product is guaranteed step-by-step until the packaging, in order to prevent any defect. Also the handle of Klover, after the final control, is packed in single plurimball box, so that it’s perfectly protected until the installation by the customer.