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The new solution of GIULIPAS for the shower column

01 Jun 2016

Giulipas has discovered an innovative solution to realize a special shower column that prevents direct passage of water with tube.

The innovation has been introduced because there was many problems and high costs with the welding of the tubular, particularly square and rectangular column, in which unfortunately there are many unwanted leakage.

Eliminating the passage of water in direct contact with tube, The flow is brought to the shower head through the specially designed internal components, so we can reduce costs and guarantee high quality for columns reducing defaultive pieces. Furthermore, without the direct contact with tube and hot water, there is a lower heat loss, so it can avoid thermal shock to the aesthetic component of the product The mission of Giulipas is not create a final product,which would compete with our customers , but discover better solutions to allow to any company to adapt according to their needs The shower column produced by Giulipas will then be matched with a thermostatic mixer an a shower head.
This technological solution is suitable for companies that produce taps in search of a type of work that solves the problem at source.

The video made by Giulipas has since developed to compose the shower column: in this case it refer to a round column, but the machining can also be declined in columns with square or rectangular section.

The details of our innovation are  available to the interested costumers.