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Laser cutting: the turning point

21 Jul 2016

The laser cutting made by GIULIPAS, leader company in Brescia with 30 years of experience in surface finishing and mechanical processing on tubes, guaranties high precision, cleanliness and speed.

What is the laser cutting? Is a great revolution in mechanical processing, because is the higher technology on the market to carry out the industrial cutting on all materials.

The difference between traditional or laser cutting are many, the laser is better in the precision, because it works with a perfect and constant ray of light, and as there are no cutting blade, this allows to keep clean the material to be cut.

The laser cutting is more expensive than traditional cutting, but This is offset by the reduction of working time.

Particularly GIULIPAS is specialized in cutting of profiles, we can cut open profile (U, L, C) or special profiles as you can view on video.

For any commission, Giulipas will be in contact with costumer to decide the best way of working, so we can guaranty maximum transparency and reliability to the customer, a further guarantee for those looking for tubes laser cutting. Basically, the laser cutting technology allows, thanks a new fiber laser source, to cut also high reflective materials as aluminum, brass and copper, maintaining excellent cutting quality and speed.  And also for the other materials there is a marked improvement in cutting speed, allowing better rates of production than traditional cutting. The ray of laser is only 0,05mm thin, so it allows cutting with very high precision and obtain perfect pairs.