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New grinder of flat faces with wet tecnology

22 Jul 2016

In september 2015, Giulipas srl by Lumezzane has equipe with a new grinder of flat faces with wet tecnology, which allows to grind also rectangular or square tubes. Thanks this investment, it’s possible to satisfy special request of some customer and take new orders.

For example, an important company of public lighting  in Brescia, has contact Giulipas in order to have an uniformity of processing on their products, with competitive prices This is possible with this new grinder of wet flat faces, buyed by Giulipas, because this machine allows to work with constancy all pieces, also with different dimensions, in fact all pieces ordered by that lightening company was made all with the same finishing ,as required by costumer.

Specifically Giulipas has to work some stainless steel ring surface, which must be mat finished.

The public lightening company now, thanks to the Giulipas and his new grinder, can reduce time and production costs, and it doesn’t need to do hand working as in the past.

Another kind of working made with the new grinder has been ordered by a company of Fiesco (Cremona), which produces frames for the medical sector. Giulipas has to do special cuts on tubular as drawing indicated, than it was studied a solution that allows to interlock the different tubes in order to realize the completed frame without realize special welding masks. The next step was the grinding and mat finishing of square tubes with the new grinder COSTA, the length of these tubular was to 300mm until 3000mm, with section 100x100mm.

The new grinder of flat faces with wet technology enables the machining of rectangular and square tubular, and it’s equipped of three tapes with a working width up to 1130mm, which allows to grind small details, both of tubes of medium and large sizes up to a length of 6000mm.