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Laser cutting on tubular profiles


Tube laser cutting technology becomes art

22 Jul 2016

Not only mechanical components are the main product of a fiber laser tube processing. Sometimes it happens to employ this innovative technology to produce small aesthetically unique jewelry.

Giulipas was contacted by a manufacturing company in Milan, which cooperates  with global brands of the highest quality in the luxury sector. In this case it’s about a famous French brand. Their need was to find a technologic solution to achieve a special graphic on a cylindrical surface.

Their initial solution was to realize the product starting from a laser-cut plate and then calendered to obtain the cylindrical surface, than it was necessary to weld the two edges of the sheet that were in contact, in such a way that the graphics would be perfectly aligned. It was not a good solution, because it was expensive and the final product does not meet the required aesthetic requirements. Another problem encountered, because of the calendering , was that the surface had sharp edges to the touch.

The company,in the search of an alternative solution knows GIULIPAS SRL, which is specialized in laser cutting on tubes in Brescia.

After a first meeting, as the final costumer need the final product urgently, Giulipas started  immediately with the samples, to meet deadlines already predetermined. Only in 4 days, Giulipas has elaborated the drawing, has bought the necessary material and has started the production.

It allows to give to the costumer three kind of different solutions, also thanks to the thirty experience of Giulipas in metal polishing and finishing.

The first is Brass solution, cut as required, polished an chrome-plated;  the other chance are polished Stainless steel or mat Stainless steel.

The costumer was very satisfied both for the high quality and for the problem solving, also for the advantage of  the low costs of production.

The tube laser cutting benefits?

Laser cutting is much more precise than traditional, because there is any blade that could lose precision by use, but there is a ray of light, which is always “sharp”, further the laser cutting the tube laser cutting guarantees a marginal degree of contamination due to the absence of physical blades.